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What is Aquimo Pin High?

Aquimo Pin High is a mobile golf simulator that uses your device’s motion sensors to analyze your personal golf swing.

Swing your actual phone like you would a golf club and try to make pin high.

Players can also log into play.aquimo.com from a home or office computer which will automatically connect them to their phone’s app and the web page.

Spectacular graphics are viewable on any web page to create a realistic virtual golf experience.
The Aquimo platform enables users to play golf with friends whenever they want, wherever they are.


Connecting to AquimoLINK

Once inside the app, tap “AquimoLink” and register your account (you will need to verify your email address in order to activate your account). If the account is already activated you just need to login.
Then navigate to play.aquimo.com on your web-enabled display and log-in there using the same credentials you used on your iPhone or Android Phone.


How do I play?

First download the app “Pin High Golf Game by Aquimo” on the Apple app store or Google play store.
Connect to AquimoLINK. You are now ready to play!
Tap ‘Go Play’ on the phone and you should see your progress in the app mirrored on your web-enabled display.
You can now tryout Target Range or play Pin High.
Once in a game hold the phone with both hands, screen facing in the direction you intend to hit the ball. Wrap your pointer finger of the trailing hand over the top of the phone to secure it. Hold the phone still, pointing it at the ground (where a golf ball would be), and after a second the phone will vibrate: signaling you to swing. Take a full swing.
When you come through your downswing and cross your center, you should hear the impact. Results of your swing will be displayed on your web-enabled display and your phone. To swing again, swipe up on those results on your phone and get back into your set-up position.


How do I play Pin High?

1. Tap “Go Play” then tap “Play Pin High”.
2. Select one of the hole set “Eagle Greens”or “Seven Canyons”.
3. Choose your club and try to hit your ball as close to the flag as you can.
Your score is kept in the scoreboard (bottom-left of the Phone screen). Once you are inside the circle at one hole , you will be able to move onto the next hole.
Our current hole sets have 9 holes and more are coming soon!


How do I change my club?

Inside a game, swipe up on the golf bag at the bottom right of the iPhone or Android screen.
In the golf bag current club selected club will be shown.
Tap on a different club to change.
If driver is not purchased yet, tap on “Visit the Pro Shop” to buy driver.


How do I play in the Tournament?

You can choose from any of the tournament available to play.
Aquimo open: In this tournament you only get to play each hole once, so its three tries and then you are off to the next. Remember, consistency here is the key! After you finish all 9 holes, check your scorecard to see how you did, then check out the leader-boards to see where you stand. Top positions on the leader-board receive great prizes!


My distance seems off.

We have noticed that some users tend to rotate the phone up so that when they come through impact the phone is actually being held parallel to the ground. Try again, making sure the phone swings through the impact point at the same angle you calibrated it.


My phone never vibrates.

In order for the phone to calibrate it needs to be held still for 1 second, while being pointed at the floor. Make sure you are holding the phone with both hands.
You may also have vibration turned off, this option is controlled in Settings>Sounds.
If something just doesn’t seem to be right, re-installing the app usually seems to help.
We are also around to help! Please drop us a line at support@aquimo.com

What is Aquimo College Basketball?

Aquimo College Basketball is real motion basketball game that uses your device’s motion sensors to analyze your basketball shot. Holding your phone like you would on a call, turn it forward and take a shot. The phone will analyze your motion. Then watch your avatar take your shot. The game progresses from shooting hoops and learning basic skills on the street to your university athletic center where you are playing pick-up 2v2 games. Choose your school and find yourself at home in your alma mater’s colors. Once you get there play against others from your school’s conference in games played in parallel to the real season schedule.


Connecting to AquimoLINK

Once inside the app, tap “AquimoLink”, your device’s camera’s view will appear on screen. Point it at the QR code or input the code on play.aquimo.com to sync your phone and device.


How do I play?

First download the app “College basketball by Aquimo” on the Apple app store or Google play store.
Upon first running the app you will play through a quick tutorial that illustrates how to hold the phone and take your shot. You will play through a quick challenge that requires you make a few baskets. Make sure you are holding the phone straight up, go through a natural basketball shot’s motion and see how you did. You may have to take a few shots to get a hang of the speed to shoot. You’ll get it.


How do I play Basketball?

1. Tap Play to go to the game map and select a challenge.
2. You will be shown a screen that explains what you need to do in how much time. These challenges will ask you to complete 5 baskets, hit baskets from different locations, play against opponents, etc.
3. Enter the court and complete your challenge.
4. Each finished challenge will reward you with in game currency, this currency can be used to purchase gear for your avatar or train them to be more effective in game.
5. Versus Matches are similar to the challenges except now you are playing against an AI player who is designed to match your skill. Do better than your opponent to win.
6. The 2v2 Game is a half-court basketball simulation that requires you to make passes or drive to advance to the basket, shoot or get close enough to dunk!
7. Each cycle of challenges ends in a 2v2 Game where we test the skills you’ve learned on the court. Good Luck!


What is the Season Game?

The Season game is a Versus Challenge played between your school and your rival school. Don’t take these challenges lightly as they determine the national Aquimo U rankings.